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Your identity, or brand awareness, plays a major role in making sure you are viewed in the correct light. It’s an area that can be overlooked and taken for granted, and in some instances even rushed. Hitting home the brand, can be something of a long term project. So your logo and identity needs to be consistent throughout this time and present a unified presence, they also need to be flexible enough to be transferable across many mediums and platforms whilst functioning well for the intended audience... above all it needs to get you noticed.

Please view a few samples of my previous work -

To provide a new, fresh, modern updated branding for the Burnt-tree company
Services supplied - Design identity & visuals
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To provide a simple and strong onroad presence for the support vehicle of Racing Green TVR
Services supplied - Design identity & visuals
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To provide an upmarket and professional logo design for Metstrategy Management & Business Consultancy
Services supplied - Design identity, visuals, marketing, logo, stationery, photography & fully responsive website
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To provide a complete identity for Str8six TVR
Services supplied - Design identity, logo, visuals, marketing, stationery, vehicle graphics, posters, banners, flyers, photography & fully responsive website
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